Leave all the stress to us and relax under halcyon skies.

Mission – To create and deliver compelling photography and web solutions
Vision – We walk the talk with our clients

Some people would say that one of the hardest parts about starting a company is naming it. When we first started, we were stuck on this as well. Eventually, we gave up trying to think of unique names and decided to have the company name reflect the experience that we wished to deliver to our clients.

We definitely wanted our customers to be happy and satisfied with our service and products, to become more prosperous because of our work, and to be completely at peace just because they knew we were working for them and had everything under control. Stringing all of these words together and forming a company name was unfeasible, so, we went in search for a single word or phrase that encompassed all of these things we wished to give.

Finally, we found it. Halcyon – an adjective describing peace, tranquillity, prosperity, and happiness. This word summarized all of our hopes into one word and thus, Halcyon Media was born.

Here at Halcyon Media, we understand that having to work with different companies can be very stressful, and so with our large skill-set, we hope to be your one-stop solution to meet all your internet and photography requirements.

Based in Singapore and Australia, Halcyon Media has a talented team of people – with years of invaluable experience among them – is a full-service web development and photography company. We deliver the conceptualization and development of the final product in strict accordance to your requirements with utmost professionalism and meticulousness.

Halcyon Media excels in corporate commercial photography, back-end database development, internet strategic web development and high quality digital content production to bring both products and services providers’ real world experiences online and drive them through a whole new way to communicate with customers.

Halcyon Media offers development of complementary managerial skills to bring the technological innovation to life – in effect, setting the stage for SMEs to pursue longer-term strategic and operational benefits of collaboration.


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